For general information regarding the Covered Bridge Society of Oregon, please contact: Bill Cockrell (503-399-0436) or Judy Prindel (541-752-8269) For information regarding the historical information of the bridges, please contact: Bill Cockrell - President, Historian and Photographer (503-399-0436) Sharon Salazar - Vice President Jeannine Schmeltzer - Treasure To become a volunteer please contact: Darlene Funkhouser For comments, concerns or considerations regarding this web site, please contact: Paul Deatherage - webwizard (541-990-4275) _______________________________________________________________________________________ Rugged pioneers armed with only hand tools, sweat and ambition began building covered bridges in Oregon during the mid-1850's. They often camped out at remote sites, living off the land or contracting with local farmers for food. Early covered bridge owners often financed construction by charging tolls: 3 cents for a sheep, 5 cents for a horse and rider. In the early 20th century, the state provided standard bridge designs to each county, most of these structures incorporated the Howe truss. The abundance of Douglas Fir and the shortage of steel during the world wars continued construction of covered spans well into the 1950's. A wooden bridge was covered to keep the huge truss timbers dry. A covered bridge could last 80 years or more, while an uncovered span would deteriorate in about nine years. In Oregon, legislation was established in 1987 to help fund preservation of these rich links to our past and heritage. _______________________________________________________________________________________ The Covered Bridge Society of Oregon was founded in 1978 to ensure that Oregon's covered bridges would be preserved for future generations. Members work with legislators, local governments, news organizations and historical societies to provide funding, maintenance and protection to save the state's roofed bridges. Mission statement: We strive to preserve all wooden covered bridges, to document historic locations of prior covered bridges and to publicize our wooden historic bridge treasures Memberships: Dues are just $15 per year. We offer touring Information; quarterly newsletters; guest speakers; slideshows and videos; memorabilia; bridge information and sponsor preservation efforts. _______________________________________________________________________________________ A Celebration of the Historical Covered Bridges in Oregon September 15 - 16 2007 Saturday 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM Sunday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM At 7th & Marion in Stayton, Oregon The Oregon Covered Bridge Festival gives residents and visitors alike a chance to enjoy our beautiful bridges and learn about their heritage. Oregon is proud to be the host to 51 covered bridges, the most this side of the Mississippi River. This festival is the only one of its kind held on the West Coast. Come join us for our Sisth Annual Oregon Covered Bridge Festival. It's a free, fun filled family event geared to educate and please everyone. We hope to see you there. FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE From the Cascade Hwy Park N' Ride lot (Provided by Lakeside Assisted Living) If you would like more information please contact: Judy Prindel, Media Director Oregon Covered Bridge Festival, 1-541-752-8269