Lake Creek (Nelson Mountain) Covered Bridge County: Lane Stream: Lake Creek Latitude: 4406'15.6"N Longitude: 12340'25.1"W Truss Type: Howe Bridge Length (ft): 105 Year Built: 1928 World Guide Number: 37-20-06 the Lake Creek Bridge - Photos by: The Lake Creek Covered Bridge is often referred to as the Nelson Mountain Bridge because it is located on Nelson Mountain Road. Like many covered bridges, both the upper and lower chords are one piece old-growth timbers. The lower timbers measure 14" x 14" x 111 feet and the upper timbers measure 12" x 12" x 79 feet. The bridge was rehabilitated in 1984. Contractors replaced the wooden flooring with pre-cast concrete slab decking. Because the concrete flooring and center pier do not support the trusses, a crane was required to slide the slabs into place. The wooden abutments and trestle approaches were also replaced with concrete material. HOW TO GET THERE: From Eugene, take Hwy. 99 north about 8 miles to Hwy. 36. Follow Hwy. 36 west about 30 miles to Nelson Mountain Rd. This bridge is located at mile point 0.8