Covered Bridges, McKenzie River Oregon OR
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At one time Oregon had more than 400 covered bridges. Today just over 50 remain.
They are now protected and are a popular attraction drawing photographers and tourists alike.
In the pioneer days the material for construction was close at hand and plentiful. It was common knowledge that a wooden bridge which was protected from the elements would last considerably longer than those left in the open, hence the covered bridges that we see today.
Today, Oregon's covered bridges are cared for and restored by a variety of individuals, local and state organizations and government agencies.

Goodpasture Covered Bridge

One of the most photographed covered bridges in Oregon. The Goodpasture Covered Bridge is the second longest covered bridge in Oregon. Architectural detail, includes 10 gothic style louvered windows on each side, false end beams, semi-elliptical portals, and a 165 foot housed Howe truss.

Built: 1938
Truss: Howe
Span: 165 feet

Belknap Covered Bridge

Often referred to as the McKenzie River Bridge, the Belknap Covered Bridge was first replaced by Lane County in 1911. It was replaced again in 1939 and was in use until it was destroyed in the Christmas Flood of 1964. The present bridge was designed by the Oregon Bridge Corporation.

Truss: Howe
Span: 120 feet