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Northwest Area Map

I-5 at Arndt Road
I-5 at Perkins Road
I-5 at Wilsonville Road
I-5 at Salem
I-84 at Cascade Locks
I-84 at Cascade Locks 2
ORE18 at Murphy Hill
ORE18 at Valley Junction
ORE22 at Detroit
US101 at Astoria - Columbia River
US101 at Astoria
US101 at Lincoln City
US101 at Lincoln City 2
US101 at Seaside
US26 Government Camp
Blue Box Pass Summit
US20 at Quartz Creek
Northern Area Map

I-84 at Arlington
I-84 at Cascade Locks east
I-84 at Cascade Locks west
I-84 at LePage Park - John Day River
I-84 at Lorenzen Road
US197 at I-84 The Dalles
US395 at Battle Mountain
Blue Box Pass Summit
US26 at Government Camp
Northeast Area Map

I-84 Cabbage Hill
I-84 Clover Creek
I-84 Ladd Creek
I-84 Ladd Creek Summit
I-84 Ladd Creek Base
I-84 Lorenzen Road
I-84 Meacham - East
I-84 Meacham - West
I-84 North Powder
I-84 Weatherby
US395 Battle Mountain
Western Area Map

I-5 Cottage Grove
I-5 Myrtle Creek 1
I-5 Myrtle Creek 2
I-5 at Roseburg south
I-5 at Roseburg north
I-5 South Roseburg 1
I-5 South Roseburg 2
ORE138 Diamond Lake
US101 Cape Cove
US101 Yaquina Bay Bridge
US101 at Newport
US97 at Chemult
ORE58 Willamette Pass
US20 Santiam Pass
ORE22 Detroit
Central Area Map

US20 Santiam Pass
US20 Sisters
US20 at US395 at Riley
US97 Redmond
US97 Rex Barber Bridge
US97 Juniper Butte
Roberts Field Redmond
US97 Lava Butte
US97 La Pine
US97 at Chemult
ORE58 Willamette Pass
Eastern Area Map

I-84 at Snake River
I-84 at Weatherby
Southwest Area Map

I-5 Black Butte
I-5 at Hilt
I-5 at North Hilt
I-5 at North Weed
I-5 at Walters Road
I-5 at Weed Airport
I-5 at Yreka
I-5 Siskiyou Summit
I-5 at Siskiyou Summit 2
I-5 Siskiyou chain area
I-5 Siskiyou chain area2
I-5 at Myrtle Creek N
I-5 at Myrtle Creek S
I-5 Sexton Summit N
I-5 Sexton Summit S
US97 at Dorris
US97 at Grass Lake
US97 at Mt. Hebron
US97 at Green Springs
ORE138 Diamond Lake
Lake of the Woods
US101 at Port Orford
US199 at Hayes Hill
Southern Area Map

Ca Hwy 299 Cedar Pass
ORE140 Bly Mountain
ORE140 Quartz Mountain
ORE140 Warner Mountain
ORE31 at Paisley
US395 at Lakeview
US395 at Valley Falls
US97 at Greensprings
Southeast Area Map

Bend Oregon Road and Traffic Cams
Traffic Cams - Bend Oregon

  ~ Bend Map ~

US97 Butler Market Road
US97 North Division

US97 Wall and Revere

Road Cam Information Courtesy of Oregon Department of Transportation

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